Sunday, May 24, 2009

Felicity Kind of Mood....

So being born in 1982, my teen years were all about the WB network. I was a WB whore. I watched every show they came out with and loved every second of it. I learned all my big words from Dawson's Creek and all the shows taught me how to be overly dramatic when it came to matters of the heart. But there was one show that always touched me. One show over all the others. That show was Felicity. Something about Felicity always touched me. From the very first episode, she took the biggest leap she ever could. She followed a guy to NY. A guy she didn't even know. And as the show progressed, she progressed. She grew into this amazing person and challenged everything she had always held true in her heart. She quit pre-med. She loved two guys. She embraced her art. She over thought everything and yet still managed to follow her heart whenever possible.

My life paralleled that of hers in a lot of ways. When I started college I was pre-med. I did that for a couple of years and I was good at it. But there was always something missing for me. I wanted to work on my art but I didn't have time with all the labs. I over thought every situation and weighed out pros and cons before acting. Till oneday I was tired of it. I was tired of feeling like my whole life had been planned out. So I quit pre-med and I jumped on a plane destined for California. I had never been there, I just knew I needed to find myself in a completely new place. See felicity had used following Ben as an excuse. She really just wanted to break away. She wanted to find her own life somewhere else. Well my life not being a TV show, the road was a lot bumpier for me than it was for her. I had to live out of my car for a while and there have been really good times and really bad times but all in all I am happy I made the leap. I am finally working on my art full time and I love it.

But let's get back to Felicity. In the last season of the show the creators did something amazing. First they gave you what would have been an incredibly perfect ending to the show at mid season. She graduated college and ended up happy with her life and Ben. She became her own person after trying to find herself for so long. But the show went further. They decided to show us what could have happened if she had made a different choice. See Felicity had always loved two guys, one was Ben the guy she followed. The other was her best friend Noel. Well the writers wrote in a plot that had Felicity unhappy with her life a few years after graduation. She was wishing she had chosen Noel over Ben all those years ago. So her Wiccan friend Megan casts a time travel spell and sends her back in time so she can choose Noel. We got to see how different everything would have been if she chose Noel over Ben.

This was amazing to me because, as I've descibed in a previous post, I often sit and wonder how life would be different if I had made a different choice in even a small way. She was incredibly unhappy with the way things turned out when she chose Noel. She realized she was happy before. Would I not like my life if things had been different? What if I had waited a year to move to California? What if I had started working with glass earlier in life? What if I hadn't taken back my husband so many years ago when we split up for a bit? Even the small stuff. What if I hadn't been late to class? or What if I took an earlier train?

Every choice we make has so many reprecussions and we never think about it. So is it better to follow your heart?

Haha wow I started with felicity and gave you guys a lot of info about me. Hope you enjoyed it! I'll leave you all with a youtube video of all the theme songs they used on Felicity. Senior year was my favorite. Listen to them all and enjoy!

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