Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friends Forever!!!

I remember when I first heard this song performed on Saved By The Bell. That's right, I am going way back down memory lane for this one. I was surfing around youtube and stumbled on it. It's still a pretty rad song. Hope you all enjoy it!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Would A Cylon Use A Touch, Nano or Shuffle???

I came across this shirt recently and was really impressed. Everyone who knows me, knows how much I loved the new Battlestar Galactica series. It was a great show and it really explored the nature of humanity while throwing in kick-ass stories and effects.

I don't normally go around wearing t-shirts with big prints on them, but this one is just way too rad to pass up. It's a Cylon listening to an iPod!!! It doesn't get much better than that! Could you imagine them patrolling the streets of Caprica, listening to an iPod? Then you got to wonder which iPod they would prefer.

Personally, I have a nano. But I'm not a Cylon....... or am I????

You can pick up one of these rad shirts at NerdyDuckling


Monday, August 3, 2009

What To Wear On A Coffee Date: Module #1 - Southern California

I was recently asked by a friend, to help him get ready for a coffee date. This was a first date situation so he wanted to impress. I love the guy, he's a good bro, but he lacks any sense of style.

So this got me thinking. If he's having trouble figuring out what to wear, there must be other guys out there struggling too.

When we got down to it, he had all the basics in his closet already. Most guys do. It's just knowing how to pair things and not over do it.

Geography can play a huge role in fashion. Having lived on both coasts, I know first hand that a New York wardrobe won't quite fit in Los Angeles and vice versa.

For the southern California look, I chose items that most guys out here will already have on hand. It's all about comfort out here. You want your look to appear relaxed and effortless, while still looking polished.

Pairing basic pieces with the right accessories is key. So take a look, soak it in and start thinking about what's in your closet.

1) T-Shirt - Billabong - $20, 2) Ring - Fantasy Jewelry box - $59.95, 3) Bracelet - Fantasy Jewelry Box - $39.95, 4) Belt - Republic - $33.91, 5) Jeans - RSQ Amsterdam - $44.99, 6) Necklace - Jean Paul Gaultier - $48, 7) Hat - Henley's - $25.42, 8) Watch - Nixon - $79.99, 9) Boxer Briefs - G-Star - $28.83, 10) Sandals - ALDO - $31.98

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Ever feel like you are finally about to seal the deal with some new hottie, only to get cockblocked? You bought the drinks, told the jokes, used your best lines and then some idiot comes along and ruins your game.

Well the folks at Orange32 have the perfect product for these situations. They call them Blocker Cards. For $5 you get twenty-five of these smart ass cards. So when you get cockblocked, you pull out one of these and hand it to the lame-ass-offender.

You can buy these here.

Silver & Beer???

We all know we should recycle. We know it's good for the planet. Well there is a jewelry designer that decided to take recycling to a fashion forward level. D-LICIOUS has decided to make rings from used beer and soda cans. These aren't just cheesy rings that were cut from cans. This artist sets strips from the cans in sterling silver rings. You can see the rings here.

Now you can show everyone how classy it is wear your beer. Well..... the beer can at least.

You can buy these and other great items at ELSEWARES

Drinks For Two, In Style!!!

So you got your date to come back to your place for drinks. You want this to go well, so drinks can turn into breakfast, right? Well here is my suggestion. Prep a nice bottle of red wine, before the date. But dudes, that is not enough! You have to show your date that you have style! So I recommend you buy the Vin-Eau Carafe by Mint. Pour your bottle of wine in this sleek and sexy piece so it's magically ready when you get home.

This is a great product. The Vin-Eau Carafe is a stark white porcelain carafe accompanied by two red cups. The cups stack and sit in the carafe, acting as a top. This piece is so different that your date will be impressed with your modern sense of style.

You can buy this and other great things at ELSEWARES

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