Sunday, August 2, 2009

Drinks For Two, In Style!!!

So you got your date to come back to your place for drinks. You want this to go well, so drinks can turn into breakfast, right? Well here is my suggestion. Prep a nice bottle of red wine, before the date. But dudes, that is not enough! You have to show your date that you have style! So I recommend you buy the Vin-Eau Carafe by Mint. Pour your bottle of wine in this sleek and sexy piece so it's magically ready when you get home.

This is a great product. The Vin-Eau Carafe is a stark white porcelain carafe accompanied by two red cups. The cups stack and sit in the carafe, acting as a top. This piece is so different that your date will be impressed with your modern sense of style.

You can buy this and other great things at ELSEWARES

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