Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mr. Hare, Where Have You Been???

It's no big surprise that I love shoes. And personally I have always felt that men's shoe design was an area that needed a renaissance. The same old brown or black shoes get boring. We dudes want to look good too. Well finally our Shoe Renaissance has arrived!!!

There is a hot British designer that is making the men's shoes the world has been waiting for. Let me introduce you to Mr. Hare. This visionary designer is taking us in to the future, while utilizing the classic feel of the past. Two of my favorites in his collection are Mr. Orwell and Mr. Fitzgerald. These are shoes that can be worn to almost any place a Gent wants to be noticed! And best of all, these shoes are made to last you for years!

You will be able to buy these shoes at oki-ni

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