Friday, July 10, 2009

What Could Men Wear To A Gallery Opening???

I get asked this question all the time. Usually by my female friends that want to dress up their men or by my single guy friends that aren't used to going to places like gallery openings or trendy restaurant openings. So I have made a couple selections of pieces that I feel would make a man stand out in a great way. Of course season, time of day and specific event will always play a role in dictating your outfit, but there are a few key rules that will almost always apply. And those rules are:
1) Black is classic! It's always in style and is a safe bet when you're not sure.
2) Don't be afraid of color! It could be a bright tie or one daring option is bright shoes. Men do it all the time in Europe. Solid dark or muted colors for the outfit and then BAM!- bright orange shoes.
3) Wear clothes that fit you! Too many times do I see men wearing clothes that do not fit. Too big or too small is just not good gents. Our bodies come in all different shapes and sizes and not everything we buy will fit perfectly. Don't be scared of your friendly neighborhood tailor. There was a time when men would take all their clothes to a tailor and this is a tradition that needs to be resurrected.
4) Jewelry! Don't be scared to show some bling bro! There are tons of great choices out there for men now. They can be found in many retail jewelry stores now as well as indie places like Figure out what metal looks good on you and don't be afraid to experiment with different materials like fiber, glass, wood or rubber.
5) Hats! Somewhere along the way, men wearing hats became less fashionable. Well that time is over. Dudes should not be scared to wear hats. Now I'm not talking about your grubby Mets cap. I mean real hats. The kind you can tip to someone when you say hi. Or a really nice beanie can be pulled off if done right.
6) Scarves are not just for the winter! Women have known for generations that a good scarf can transform any outfit. Well dudes are finally catching on to this. There are tons of scarves on the market for men now that are meant more as a fashion accessory than a utilitarian object to keep your neck warm. Look around for these. I have found great ones in our local Little India but many major retail stores and indie online shops are also carrying them now.
7) Shoes are in! I remember when you would go into any men's department store and all the shoes looked the same. They were black or brown and just a few variations on the same style. Well now the world has woken up and we men have options! Granted the women still have more options, but we are catching up. So go in to the stores and look around. And TRY THEM ON!!! Nothing is worse than spending a whole night in shoes that are uncomfortable.
8) Scent is key! Luckily there are tons of cologne options for men now. I recommend setting aside an afternoon and going with a friend that can be honest with you. Smell as much as you can and remember to ask for the coffee beans to clear each scent out from your nose before moving on to the next. I also recommend getting more than one scent. It's always nice to have variety and different occasions could call for very different scents. You could also have your own custom scent mixed. A lot of times it's cheaper than the commercial stuff and it's your own signature scent so you will always stand out. Check out your local holistic shops and see if anyone does custom blends.
9) Be fashion forward! There are so many great men's wear designers out there that aren't getting the media attention they deserve. If there is some new concept out there and it speaks to you, don't be afraid to go for it. Every trend started with one person wearing it. Maybe you could be a new trend setter.
10) Be you! Don't try to be Usher or Brad Pitt. Let people see who you are, reflected in your style. If you're a little more rock, then gear your outfit that way. There is nothing wrong with injecting personality into clothing. Just remember not to overdue it.

Here are just a few samples of things guys could wear. Explore dudes! And don't be afraid to ask questions. If you're not sure what looks good on you, ask for opinions.

1) Ray Vincente Eclectic
2) Necklush
3) Joseph Cuevas
4) Eve Shan
6) Lotus Jewelry Studio
7) Wendelart


  1. Good information.i however was a bit breathless longing to see those orange shoes..

  2. Oh don't worry. There will be an entire post all about shoes for men in the near future.


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