Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Artist Statement

A lot of artists have a really hard time writing these. I know I definitely hated the process. But I thought it would be good to share what I came up with. For all those out there reading, this is probably not the best example of what one should be like but it is mine.

Don't be to harsh with me!

Narcotic Art
Glass casting and fusing are like heroin. It is like crack or crystal-meth. Stained glass started it all. From the start, the process of transforming sheets or chunks of glass into sculptures has felt like the perfect high. Over the years, that magical high has made me an addict. Creating art fills me with a sense of euphoria and freedom, and has been an excellent way to release pent-up and stirring energy.

I surrender to the glass. It is like that person at the bar you can’t keep yourself from approaching. You might get hurt from touching, and you know that, but you can’t stop yourself. I can’t stop myself. My work is primarily in the lost wax casting method and glass fusing. In both methods, my raw materials are placed in the kiln and I must wait till all the glass is married together and cooled before looking to see if the finished piece is what I intended.

I am currently exploring this feeling of being drawn to something dangerous. Combining welcoming and familiar shapes with textures that appear dangerous is accomplishing this goal. Why do we approach things that we know may hurt us? The glass and I both want to know.


  1. i think we gravitate towards danger because it's exciting!!

  2. This is beautiful. I now exactly how you feel too...about the high. I never heard it described so accurately before! I paint, knit and crochet primarily, so I don't know that there's an obvious danger, but love...exploring and expressing love makes me feel vulnerable and underlying danger I think is feeling vulnerable.

    Please add the "Follow This Blog" link. I'd love to follow you :)

  3. that's a real interesting, and honest way of explaining the love for your art. It's an addition! Very true!

    I'm in the process of putting together your Etsy Artisan Interview. It should be done by Friday. I'll convo you when it publishes


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