Thursday, March 5, 2009

Unsure Future

I just finished watching the live stream of the Proposition 8 hearing. I thought it would be pretty clear cut. We had 4 Justices on our side before and those same 4 would be on our side again. Well after watching, I'm not so sure anymore. This really is going to be close.

Furthermore the precedent that will be established if Prop 8 is allowed to stand, will change the future for the GLBTQ community across the country. This will be the first time a right will be taken away from a minority group. Really think about that. Granted, other states have banned same-sex marriage, but in those states gay marriage was never legal to begin with. California had same-sex marriages for 6 months. More than 18,000 same-sex couples married during that time. Now a slim majority of voters want to relegate those tax paying citizens to second class status. Taking away rights that our state constitution alloted and nullifying the more than 18,000 marriages that were already performed.

What would be next? If a slim majority can take away a minority group's rights what would be next? Can they take away our right to own property? How about holding public office? Having children? Where would it end? Would anyone really stop them from taking us to Concentration Camps?

Most people don't know that Gay men were sent to the camps and forced to wear an inverted pink triangle as a badge.

I am tired of having to fight for equal rights. I am tired of being worried that I might get bashed again. I am tired of feeling like I will never really be seen as an equal to the majority of people in this country. I am tired of feeling like my marriage is less than my neighbor's.

I'll probably post more later. Just wanted to get all that out right now.


  1. Well I hope they do the right thing and reverse the reversal. It's amazing how horrible wrong this is...Just so you know, in my eyes your marriage is sacred and equal. I hope the gets re-acknowledged through the decision.

    *crossing my fingers*

  2. Rock on! I'm so behind you all on this one.

  3. I'm with you too! It's a struggle, but never lose hope and never give up!


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